Northern Container stocks Seamless Tins constructed from a single piece of tin. Seamless tins have no seams which means no leaks! All seamless tins include a slip-on cover.


Northern Container's seamless tin covers and bodies are either curled or hemmed to provide a safe edge. No sharp edges!  


Great for Laboratory Testing, Specimen Collection, Candles, Confections And Candy, Cosmetics, Jewelry, Mints, Ointments, Soldering Paste, Spice Packaging, Tea

8 oz & 16 oz Seamless Tins

  • 8 oz: 3- 1/8" x 2"

    16 oz: 3- 3/4" x 2- 1/2" 

  • 8 oz: 270 pieces

    16 oz: 120 pieces