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Closures, Caps & Lids

Closure Stock Inventory

Browse our online store to view our broad range of closures in a variety of sizes and colors.

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Closures & Caps

Northern Container stocks a variety of closures for bottles, jars and pails; in plastic and steel. Being a distributor allows Northern Container the ability to sell a single item for personal use or in bulk/wholesale to a business. Most stock items do not require a minimum order. For most plastic Bottles and Jars, we stock the most standard sizes of Continuous Thread Screw Caps from 24 mm to 110 mm. As well as Child Resistant Screw Cap in 28-400 and 38-400 sizes.


Another option is our dispensing caps, Turret or Yorker, from 20 mm to 38 mm. For use on the Metal Screw Top Cans, we offer both the Screw Cap, with various linings, and the small dish-like inner seals for 1” and 1-3/4” Delta threaded openings. The Gasket Screw Caps and the ¾” Faucet are meant to be used with the larger 2.5 and 5-gallon Plastic Tight Head Containers. Rieke Flexspouts will be used on the 5-gallon Tight Head Steel Containers. A Crimping Tool is required to properly seal the closure to the container. Northern Container can assist you with sourcing the right cap for your product, whether it is a standard twist-off or a dispensing screw-on cap. 

As a stocking distributor, Northern Container provides versatile options for purchasing items – whether for personal use or in bulk quantities for wholesale business-to-business transactions. Our stock items come with low minimum order requirements and are usually shipped the next business day from our warehouse. If you can't find what you're looking for, simply fill out our quote request form, and we'll identify the perfect packaging solution for your specific application.

Caps & Closures

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