Northern Container stocks various sizes of Ink Cans and Seamless Tins made in the USA by multiple manufacturers, including: Allstate Can Corporation, Buckeye Stamping, Independent Can Company and Specialty Container Inc.  

These ink cans are tins are Durable, Corrosion Resistant, Safe and Sanitary Packaging. All metal cans are constructed of electro plated tinplate (tin-coated steel) and plastic tins are made of HDPE (high density polyethylene). To help conserve nonrenewable resources, all Metal Cans contain a minimum of 25% recycled content. The cans are also environmentally friendly, as they are all 100% Recyclable.
Some of these items are only available for purchase in either Full Case or Full Pallet quantities. None of these cans can be purchased in smaller quantities due to potential damage in transit. Due to the thickness of the tin and the cans not having product in the containers to maintain their shape, these cans may be easily dented or bent in transit. By only selling these items in the original full pallet and case quantities, it allows us to minimize the shipping damages that may incur.

Special Order options are available for these cans and tins. Please complete our Quote Request Form with your exact needs and we will work with our manufacturers to find a suitable tin.