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Northern Container Corporation is a stocking distributor of rigid industrial containers. At Northern Container, we stock a variety of rigid containers in different shapes, sizes and materials including steel pails, plastic pails and paint cans, screw top cans and ink cans. We also carry seamless tins, open top food cans, bottles and jars, closures/screw caps and plastic tubs. Our assortment makes us unique because unlike other distributors who only sell a few types of containers, we offer numerous options for all industries so you can find the most appropriate container for your application.

As an Industrial Container Distributor, we also work with customers to keep stock on hand for their specific needs. We may agree to bring in additional inventory to help a customer through a busy season but when their needs suddenly change or specifications of the containers change, there may be unpurchased inventory that is left on hand at Northern Container. To help others take advantage of the excess inventory, we will sell the items as a Clearance item at a Deeply Discounted Price.
Please feel free to review our Clearance items and see if any of these items could be useful for you, at such a great price!

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