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Open Top Cans

Open Top Cans Stock Inventory

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Open Top Cans

Northern Container's Open Top Cans are made of Electro Plated Tin, making them durable, corrosion resistant and 100% recyclable; making them environmentally friendly. Open Top Tin Cans can withstand higher temperatures to allow for the sampling of hot products.
Northern Container only sells the open cans, we do not carry the ends to seal the cans. The Standard Open Top Cans have sharp, almost razor-sharp, top curl until the end is sealed onto the can. The top edge of the Rolled Rim Open Top Cans has been curled down to create a smooth safe edge.
Some Open Top Cans are only available for purchase in Full Pallet Quantities, others can be purchased in either Full Cases or Full Pallets. None of these cans can be purchased in smaller quantities due to potential damage in transit. Due to the thickness of the tin and the cans not having the product in the containers to maintain their shape, these cans may be easily dented or bent in transit. By only selling these items in the original full pallet and case quantities, it allows us to minimize the shipping damages that may incur.

Please Note: Northern Container only sells the Open Top Can, we do not carry the ends to seal the cans, nor do we offer the Open Top Can sealing equipment.

As a stocking distributor, Northern Container provides versatile options for purchasing items – whether for personal use or in bulk quantities for wholesale business-to-business transactions. Our stock items come with no minimum order requirement and are usually shipped the next business day from our warehouse. If you can't find what you're looking for, simply fill out our quote request form, and we'll identify the perfect packaging solution for your specific application.

Open Top Cans

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