Northern Container stocks Open Head Taper Sided Steel Pails from 3.5 gallon to 6-gallon as well as 2-gallon Straight Sided pails. Both the 5 gallon and 6 gallons pails are available with or without a UN Rating. All stock of smaller size pails, are not UN Rated. Multiple options are available for interior linings, depending on chemical compatibility.
Steel pails contain a minimum of 25% post- consumer recycled content and are 100% recyclable.
Northern Container only stocks pails made in the USA.
Special orders can be placed for 1-gallon to 7.5-gallon sizes, with a wide range of gauges, fittings, linings and exterior coatings. Phenolic, epoxy-phenolic and rust-inhibitor linings are available to ensure product integrity. As well as UN- or non-UN-rated pails, depending on your application. UN-certified and non-UN steel open head pails are offered straight sided and tapered for nesting. Contact us with the specifications needed and we can provide a quote with order details. Special Orders require a minimum order of approximately 1,000 pails. Exact quantity is dependent on pallet quantity of item.
Ideal uses: chemicals, lubricants, coatings, solvents, adhesives, roofing mastic, driveway sealers, large bolts, fuels, hazardous materials, viscous products and other applications

5 gallon- Black Exterior/Unlined Interior

  • 11.77" x 13.56"
  • Pail: 28