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5 gallon Plastic Pails/Buckets Seconds are great for customers looking for a shop pail, a throw away container or if you're just looking for an inexpensive option. These pails are not damaged or defective. They are only considered Seconds as they are not the true color desired for 1st run quality pails or they include a misprinted Logo/artwork. The variation of color is due to the line being switched from one color to another. For example; if they are running white pails and switched to red pails, all the pails made between the switch, that are not true white or true red, would become Seconds. 


Due to the numerous colors our manufacturer runs, we cannot guarantee the pails you receive will all be from the same color transition nor can we guarantee if they will or will not have printing. Color of the cover, if ordered, may vary as well.


Manufacturer: MKS Plastics

Dimensions: 11.91" D x 14.5" H

Pallet Quantity: 132


  • All pails include a metal handle with plastic grip
  • All pails have a uniform 90 mil Wall Thickness
  • These pails are NOT Food Grade
  • Pails can be frozen or hot filled up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Made in the USA




Ideal Uses Include: Paints, Inks, Chemicals, Lubricants, Adhesives, Coatings, Roofing Mastic, Driveway Sealers, Foods, Edible Oils, Flavorings, Sanitation Supplies, Construction Materials, Building Products, Consumer Goods, Gardening, Fishing, and Various Other Applications.  

MKS Plastics | 5 gallon Mix Color Plastic Pail Seconds


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