Tired of seeing Additional Handling Charges on your UPS and FedEx Invoices for unboxed 5 gallon pails?


Northern Container offers re-shipper cartons specifically designed for 5 gallon Pails- Plastic or Metal- Open Head or Closed Head. The cartons have hand holes on 2 sides of the box, allowing for easy lifting and handling. These boxes are for Non-Regulated Material Only, they are not UN Rated.


We offer an additional corrugated Triangle Insets, which helps hold the pail tightly in place during transit. Recommended when shipping any Closed Head Pails.


Note: This shipping carton is certified to have an Edge Crush Test (ECT) rating of 48 pounds per inch and a gross weight limit of 100 lbs. Shippers will not accept packages that exceed the weight limits stamped on the box. As with any carton, it will not enhance or improve the integrity or performance of the pail being shipped within the carton.


This is the Carton Only, Pails and Pail Lids are Sold Seperatley.

5 Gallon Pail Re-Shipper Carton

  • 50 per Bundle