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ARMLOKS are optional locking rings. that secure the paint can plug (lid) to the paint can. This security helps to prevent your product from leaking during storage as well as transit.


Paint cans with optional locking rings (ARMLOKS) enhance sealing and can be certified to UN Performance-Oriented Packaging (Part 173.27) and US Postal Service and UPS requirements.


ARMLOKS can be easily applied with a rubber mallet or a paint can closing tool. When the paint can is sealed properly, the ring is a key component to meeting many UN Rated packaging requirements.


The ARMLOKS stocked by Northern Container will only fit Mauser Packaging’s Paint Cans (formally known as B Way Corp/Brockway Standard.). The ARMLOKS will not provide the proper seal needed on paint cans made by other manufacturers, including the Mexico Paint Cans that Northern Container stocks.



Fits 404 Diameter (Quart) Paint Cans

Case Quantity: 480



Fits 610 Diameter (Gallon) Paint Cans

Case Quantity: 270


Being a stocking distributor allows Northern Container the ability to sell a single item for personal use or in bulk/wholesale to a business. Most stock items do not require a minimum order and generally ship from our warehouse next business day.

ARMLOKS- Paint Can Locking Rings


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