Northern Container stocks Metal Closures/ Screw Caps ranging from 1" to 1- 3/4" in size. Caps have ribbed sides to provide an easier grip for opening and re-sealing the closure. Multiple lining options are available based on chemical compatibility requirements as well for providing tamper evidence.


Inner Seals can be used with all of Northern Container's Metal Screw Tops Cans. Inner Seals provide Tamper Evident protection for your product. The Seal fits into the opening of the can prior to the screw cap being applied. The pressure of the cap tightening will lodge the inner seal into place. Once the cap is unscrewed by the end user, the Seal will need to be pried out of the neck, to access the product.


Northern Container's Closures are made in the USA.

Metal Screw Caps & Inner Seals

  • 1" Delta Cap: 5,000 per Case