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This is a wire bail handle for Northern Container’s 1-gallon paint cans. These are durable metal bails designed for transporting or carrying filled paint cans. These are the same handles found on most paint cans found in hardware stores. Bail handles can only be attached to 1-gallon paint cans with ears.


These handles will fit both Mauser Packaging (formally known as B Way Corp/Brockway Standard) and the 1-gallon Made in Mexico Paint Cans stocked by Northern Container. We cannot guarantee these handles will fit any other manufacturers' paint cans.


Northern Container's 1-gallon Paint Cans, do not come with the handle installed on the can. The handles must be purchased separately, unless purchasing the combo packs. Combo packs include the paint can, lid and bail/handle (if mentioned).


Bails Fits Northern Container Part#

R104- Lined Paint Cans- Bulk Packed- 1 Gallon with Ears

R108- Unlined Paint Cans- Bulk Packed- 1 Gallon with Ears

XP130- Empty 1 Gallon Paint Can- Made in Mexico- Lined Gallon with Ears


Being a stocking distributor allows Northern Container the ability to sell a single item for personal use or in bulk/wholesale to a business. Most stock items do not require a minimum order and generally ship from our warehouse next business day.

Handle for Gallon Paint Cans

SKU: R228
  • 1,000 per Case

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