Northern Container stocks F-Style Cans that range in size from a pint to one gallon. Rigid metal handles are provided on the 1-gallon cans only.  

1 Gallon can are available with a 1-3/4" Delta neck finish or UN-certified specifications are available for the 1 Gallon can with the 1- 1/8" Beta neck finish.  

Quart cans are availble with either a 1" Delta neck finish or 1- 3/4" Delta neck finish.

Pint cans are only available with a 1" Delta neck finish.

To help conserve nonrenewable resources, all Metal Screw Top Cans contain a minimum of 25% recycled content and are 100% recyclable.

Northern Container's Screw Top Cans are made in the USA.

Ideal uses for F-Style Cans includes chemicals, lubricants, paint thinners, solvents, charcoal lighter fluids and other applications.


Screw Caps and Inner Seals are Sold Seperately


The Metal F-Style Cans are Only sold in Full Cases.

Metal F- Style Cans

  • Pint: 1.73" x 3.87" x 5.89"

    Quart: 2.391" x 4.594" x 6.875"

    1 Gallon: 4.154" x 6.64" x 9.498"

  • Pint (16 oz): 225 per Case

    Quart (32 oz): 120 per Case

    1 Gallon: 40 per Case